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Giovanni Vicari is a guitarist, producer, audio-engineer, singer-songwriter, composer and actor based in Basel (where he graduated with a Master in Performance and Producing at the FHNW), originally from Torino.

With an experience of several hundred concerts, performances and international tours, he collaborated with different projects and artists throughout the years, between pop, electro and underground live bands, world music projects, theatre and musical productions, funk, jazz, improvised combos and experimental orchestras.


He’s currently part of Immigration Unit, Malummí, Arbajo Jairus & Them Lovers, Luna Oku, Blondie Snitch, Tiny Satellite, Jero & The Plus, Mont Vorace, Alpkasus, Unorthodox Jukebox Orchestra, sometimes live with Gina Été, and other constellations.


He toured in Switzerland, Italy, Japan and Latvia and collaborated with Manuel Gagneux from Zeal & Ardor and Arthur Hnatek, beyond being invited by Dave Pen to open for his band Archive.

He wrote the soundtrack and played the role of Werther for the theatre piece “Werthers Lotte”, directed by Benjamin Truong and mentored by Tom Luz (premiered in Basel at the Vorstadt Theater in 2018 and 2019, performed again in Munich and Leipzig in 2020), and took part to “Ein Versuch, sich der Liebe anzunähern”, performed in Munich in 2019 at the August Everding Theater and “Palast des Lächelns”. With Tobias Auner, a young dancer, choreographer and director from Munich, he's working on the movie “Lose Grip”.


From fall 2020, he will study his second master at the ZHDK in Zurich, focusing on producing (with Gregor Hilbe), composition + film music (with Tobias Jundt, Niki Reiser and Peter Scherer) and audio design (with Manuel Gerber).

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